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Isle of Capri, 61 St. and 3rd Ave. Northern and Southern Italian specialties. Family operated since 1955.
PICCOLO    Restaurant Run by R. Franceschini and sons specializing in all types of Ravioli     150  E. Jericho Tpk Mineola 516-248-8110


For all your flower requirements from birthdays to weddings 2510 Jerusalem Ave North Bellmore NY 11701



146 E 84 St. Manhattan


Sadly I am announcing the end of the Berceto Foundation (Bercetese). This decision was made by the president  Anna Sabini with the concurrence of other members of the club. The reason for the termination are two:
    Anna Maria Conti (Crescini) boprn in Lozzola  di Berceto passed away from previous complication and Covid. She was born December 12, 1933 and passed away June 9, 2021. Funeral was held at Immaculate Conception RC Church on Ditmars Ave on June 11. Interment was at St. Micheal's Cemetery. She was the previous president of the foundation a along time member of the board and a strong supporter and volunteer who helped organizing the dances.
     The second reason for terminating the club was that Riccardo Catering , which was our only destination for the dances has been sold to a developer. The food and services and price were great, members of the club tried to find other caterers with similar services however, all had prices too high (over $100 per person). Lately our attendance to the dances were slightly over 100 and if price per tickets were raised we would loose enough guests to make the dance unprofitable.. God bless and thank you all for the memories.!!!!

As of February 2021 there is no scheduled reunion or dances , hopefully this will resume after Covid-19 vaccinations are completed
     Pictures of the March 1, 2020 dance are  posted,Click on date below--- and Youtube videos are also posted, click on data to the right.
Pictures are posted and youtube videos of the March 31 ,2019 dance are posted

 Above on December 12, 2017 at Riccardo's Anna Sabini gives check to Fr. Mark of the Xaverian Mission.
Some pictures of the Carnevale dance at the FAMILYCLUB.2017

If you like this type of music come to the dance. Flyers will be mailed out periodically and if you think your name is not on the mailing list forward email request to

The 2016 Christmas party of the Berceto Foundation was  celebrated at Riccardo's December 8, 2016, at which time  the proceed from the dance was presented to the Xaverian Fathers Fr Grappoli, Fr. Davitti, Fr. Marangone Anna Sabini.


The 2015 Christmas party for the volunteers and donors to the Berceto Foundation was celebrated at Riccardo's on Dec 10, 2015.The party was organized by Anna Sabini the president of the foundation. At which time she presented Fr. Frank Grappoli,  of the Xaverian missions, the money which was raised during the last Dinner dance of October 4, 2015.


2014 Christmas party was held again at Riccardo's , Showing are the members and contributors to the Berceto Foundation. Here is Anna Sabini presenting  Father Frank Grappoli of Xaverian Missions with a check for money raised from the October dance.
A Christmas luncheon was held at Riccardo's on December 5, 2013, by the Berceto Foundation at this time  the president Anna Sabini presented Father F. Grappoli, of the Xaverian missions,a check for money raised in the October Dance.