March 11, 2018 Berceto Foundation Dance at Riccardo's

Under the stewardship of Anna Sabini we celebrated the 51 st anniversary of the Berceto Foundation.  The Music by Emilio Magnotta, satisfied young and old on the dance floor.Attendance was below average and this could jeoperdize future events. We would like to thank the people who contributed to the raffle basket and Isle of Capri restaurant and Nicola restaurant for the gift certificates. In attendance were:
Table 2- Rino & Annamaria Delcarro and friends.
Table 3- Lina and Franco and the Spagnoli family
Table 4- Primi Layrenti Lucia Di Saverio, and Joe Pinto and freinds.
Table 5- Rino Giordani, Franco Capitelli  Aldo Beccarelli, Antonietta, Rino Spagnoli, Nello Pietrantoni and freinds and wives.
Table 6- Peter Barbini and wife , Peter Alzapiedi and wife, Diane Urban and Anita Costa.
Table 7- Franca Pioli, Elisabetta Sabini, Maria Ruggilo, Emma Pioli, Cristina,Solarino and Antonietta Solarino.
Table 8- Lilian Dallara, Olga Papas, Noemi Serpagli, Delma del Signore, Anna  & Aldo Sabini and Anna Conti.
Table 9- Salvatore Ilantr and freinds.
Table 14- Tony Ricci and freinds.
Table 16- Franco Ricci and freinds.
Table 18- Victor Pioli with wife , son and wife, Peter Raccasi, Bruno Cappellini , Joe Scauri with daughter and grand daughter and Fr. Frank Grappoli.