Berceto Foundation 2020

Sunday March 1, 2020 was the 53 rd anniversary of the Berceto Foundation. The Dinner was held at Riccardo's in Astoria. In attendance we had about 135 guests. The music was by Emilio and Tony of the Forestieri. Anna Sabini the president introduced Father Frank from the Salesian Missions who gave the dinner's blessing and she also introduced  David J. Tubiolo , Westchester county Board from the 14th District who gave the Foundation a Plaque for apriciation for the works it does. Before the meal Mr. Umberto Squarcia, also read a note from Luigi Lucchi (the mayor of Berceto) who thanked the Foundation for the work it does and also update the guest on the status of making Berceto part of their Unesco travel sight and also the status of the painter Iasoni of Corchia's Memorial. Michelle Beccarelli sang the national anthems and the feast started.
In attendance were:
Table#3: Aldo & Anna Sabini, Anna Conti and son, Delma Delsignore, Aldo Beccarelli and wife, Joan Vecchio,and Olga Papas.
Table #4: Luis Calderero and freinds.
Table #5: Antonyy Ricci and freinds.
Table #6: Franco Ricci and Freinds.
Table #7 Pietro & Anna  Bonfigli, Bruno Bordi, Luciana Pezzina and Lina Zoni, Rino del Carro and wife.
Table #8: Luciano Sbuttoni and freinds.
Table # 9: Bruna & Rino Giordani, Antonietta, Franco Capitelli, John Zaccarini, Luigi Carpana
Table #10: Peter Raccasi, Father Frank Father Mark, Judi  and Umberto Squarcia.
Table #14: Micheal Beccarelli, and freind.
Table #16: Joe Olari. Eduardo Devincenzi & wife,Nello Pietrantoni and other freinds.
Table #18: Franca Pioli, Victor Pioli, Victor's son and wife, Emma Pioli, Sonia , Mia, Karen Creedon, Rosemary, Thibeault, Stellan Thibeault.
Table #22: Jack Lodi, Livio Zecca, Peter & Laura  Barbini, Lillian Dallara.