Xaverian dance Sponsored by the Berceto Foundation in honor of the 150 th Anniversary of the birth of Bishop Guido Maria Conforti the first Saint of Parma.

October 04,2015 was the latest Dance at Riccardo's Catering. The event as usual is very festive and if you like to dance this is the place to be. Father Frank Grappoli initiated the event by paying honor to Bishop Conforti and the work Missionaries do in 20 different countries of the world.He spoke about the visit of Pope Francis and how much he was adored, Father Frank also offered a prayer for the soul of Lino Spagnoli our former Foundation president who has recently passed away. The event comprised of about 90 guests, a poor sign of the future.

Table #1- Aldo & Anna Sabini, Elisabetta Sabini, Ferrante & Rosina Giorgetti, Delma DelSignore, Anna Conti, Noemi Serpagli.

Table #2- Angela & Vito Valenzano, Mario & Sally Dispenza,Lylia Lohrey, Julie Buzzetti, Graziella Frustaci,

Table #3- Lina Taglioni &Franko  Neretich, Kevin & Kimberly Spagnoli, Giovanni Mazzani. Aldo & Anna Beccarelli.

Table# 4-Julia & Joe Spar??, Salvatore Gracefa, John Lello, Tony Ricci.

Table #5- Joe Scauri, Father Frank Grappoli, Joe & Megan Scauri, Peter & Laura Barbini, Bruno Cappellini, Silvana Cremonini, Peter Raccasi.

Table #6-Maria & Jarney Giudice, Silvia & Umberto Galeotafiore, Lucia & Salvatore Calderaro.

Table #7-Cathy & Bill Lemmey, Rose Cavazzini, Rosanna Socci, Primo Laurenti.

Table #8- Mr & Mrs Salmieri, Mr  Rullo, Mr & Mrs Saraceni, Mr & Mrs Frank Ricci, Mr & Mrs Marino.

Table #9- Adelmo & Gina Olari, Antonio & Maria Rossini, Elsa & Hugo Bacchioni, Anna & Rino Spagnoli, Giuseppe & Agata Olari, Nello Pietrantoni.

The Foundation would like to thank all the volunteers that made the event possible and all the donors to the raffle , and they are Colonial Flowers for the table boquet, Isle of Capri restaurant and Piccolo Restaurant .